Want to be at the heart of something special? We welcome young volunteers with open arms.

Whether you want to support a charity shop that helps young people, or volunteer to get your dream job in retail, we’ve got something for you. Apply for any of the opportunities below by signing up to vInspired. 

Shop floor sales staffIf you love fashion and working with people, we always welcome volunteers to serve customers and keep the shop floor stocked, priced and tidy.

Packers and sorters – If you’d rather not be on the shop floor could you help us bag and sort through donations?

Merchandisers – If you have a flair for putting clothes together, we’re looking for merchandisers to help us create eye catching displays in store, on line and in the window.

Photographers – We’re on the look-out for photographers to take pictures that we can use in our online shop, our website and in press releases.

Social media volunteers – Whether you’re a vlogger, blogger, or just want to build your experience of using social media channels professionally, we’d love any social media volunteers to help us create great content, keep our online shop going and spread our reach and impact.